The truth about Manny Schewitz, Forward Progressives

Manny Schewitz Forward ProgressivesManny Schewitz is a grifter, a con artist, a confidence man. Manny co-created the left-wing political blog Forward Progressives as well as his personal blog, Whiskey and the Morning After. How does that make him a con man? Just read on.

In 2013, Manny published a post on his Whiskey blog attacking a couple of fellow left-wing bloggers for attempting to strong arm a liberal Facebook page admin. The basis of the post really isn’t relevant now. What is relevant is the first paragraph of Manny’s post:

“Remember how I often discussed the unethical and strong-arm tactics used by many “liberal” bloggers and site owners? If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ll know of my utter disdain for the people behind “Being Liberal” and the website as well as others who are just out there to make a buck.”

The key point here is that Manny is supposedly outraged by other websites and bloggers who are “just out there to make a buck.” This is an integral part of Manny’s con, but there’ s much more.

Manny’s daily write ups on Forward Progressives earn a substantial amount of money through the Google Adsense advertisements placed on their site (more on that later). You’ll also find Adsense ads on his Whiskey blog. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with earning money through ad revenue; however, Manny’s game is not only to make money but to smear and tarnish the reputations of other sites for engaging in exactly the same practices that he engages in for the sole purpose of disingenuously gaining the trust of more and more followers as he simultaneously turns them against his competitors. Manny wants you to believe he’s the little guy who’s only looking out for your best interests when in reality, he’s a snake in the grass. That’s his con.

The Hydra

Manny is so vested in attacking other left-wing political Facebook pages, he has a special name for them. He refers to the political Facebook pages that he accuses of being “in it for the money” as The Hydra, named after the creature of Greek mythology possessing many heads and one body, and he’s convinced the body of The Hydra is Being Liberal (yawn). Manny even has an extensive blacklist primarily comprised of Facebook pages he considers to be part of The Hydra, as well as any pages that may have been spotted passively sharing content from one of the supposedly “naughty” Hydra pages.

These 13 Facebook Pages May Cause You To Lose Faith In Humanity

Manny recently wrote a Forward Progressives article titled These 4 Facebook Pages May Cause You To Lose Faith In Humanity, laughably attacking four right-wing pages for engaging in exactly the same tactics that Manny and Forward Progressives engages in. Why would Manny do something so tragically hypocritical? He’s likely convinced his readers are too stupid to catch on.

Take a good look at the following Facebook pages. Forward Progressives has 100% control over all of them. These ten pages total over 700,000 Facebook followers, and they all serve the sole purpose of redirecting those followers to every single article posted by Forward Progressives on their website:

hydra-logoForward Progressives
Formidable Republican Opposition
Politically Preposterous
Jon Stewart Fan Page
Rachel Maddow Fan Page
The Stephen Colbert Fan Page
One Million Strong defeated Mitt Romney in 2012
One Million Strong for Hillary Clinton in 2016
One Million Strong against the Tea Party
I prefer PBS to the GOP

Additional pages owned by Manny, also used to redirect followers to Forward Progressives:

Whiskey and the morning after blog
The Bayou Progressive
Manny Schewitz

Now who’s the Hydra?

Check out what Manny said in his recent article, then consider the thirteen pages above:

“Flip through the radio dial, your Facebook feed or surf the Internet and you’ll find one right-wing website after another, all posing as a “trusted, conservative news” site. There’s Facebook page after Facebook page with names like “Being Conservative,” “The Tea Party,” “Jesus Daily,” or even “Being Christian” that are not official religious or political Facebook pages – they’re actually fronts for something else.”

Are you beginning to see the picture? Replace “right-wing” with left-wing, replace “trusted, conservative news” with trusted, progressive news, “Being Conservative” with Forward Progressives, “The Tea Party” with One Million Strong against the Tea Party, and what you get is the same irrefutable condemnation of Forward Progressives.

Then there’s this gem:

“Don’t believe me? Let’s start with Being Conservative. This page is not endorsed by the Republican Party or any other conservative organization to the best of my knowledge. Instead, it seems to be little more than a page looking for people who say to themselves, “Yeah, I’m proud to be a conservative! Take that, liberals!” before hitting the “like” button on Facebook and going about their day…”

Is the Jon Stewart Fan Page endorsed by the Daily Show? Is the Rachel Maddow Fan Page endorsed by MSNBC? Is the Stephen Colbert Fan Page endorsed by Comedy Central? Is One Million Strong for Hillary Clinton in 2016 endorsed by Hillary Clinton? I believe that would be a resounding no on all counts. Once again, Manny is attacking other pages for engaging in the very practices he and Forward Progressives engages in.

And finally, the money shot:

“So what’s the deal, Manny?” is what you’re probably wanting to asking me right now. Each and every one of these Facebook pages use a religious or political belief to make money, lots of it…”

There you have it, Manny bashing other pages for using religious or political beliefs to “make money, lots of it,” while Forward Progressives uses political beliefs to make a shit ton of money.

Alexa provides analytical data on websites. The basic features, including where a specific site ranks based on monthly views compared to all other existing sites, are free and available to anyone. So where does Forward Progressives rank? See for yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 7.34.36 AMMake no mistake, 1.5 million pages views a month equates to a serious chunk of Google Adsense cash every month. They are almost certainly clearing $10,000 a month, if not twice that, not counting an additional several hundred dollars a month from the separate Disqus ads at the bottom of each article.

Below is a sample image of Adsense earnings found online:


Of course, Forward Progressives hasn’t always pulled down five figures a month, which must explain why Manny made a fundraiser asking for $2000 to pay his bills while he sits around writing and apparently drinking beer. Interestingly, Manny’s horribly performing fundraiser is still active.

Manny Schewitz fundraiser

Will the real Manny Schewitz please stand up?

A quick Google search turned up this tidbit of info from the personal blog of Erin Nanasi, a writer at Forward Progressives:

“I’m very lucky to have two great editors, the other being Manny Schewitz (so not his real name). Manny writes and edits for Forward Progressives, another really great progressive website/blog.”

There’s also this post from “Manny” himself on his Facebook page:

Manny Schewitz not his real name


Lots of people write under a pseudonym, at least fictional writers do, so that isn’t exactly a revelation. However, now that “Manny’s” divide and conquer scheme has been exposed, that pseudonym begins to look a lot more like an alias than a pen name. Seems a bit fishy, doesn’t it? As for the name, Manischewitz is a leading brand of Kosher food, “Manny” is supposedly Jewish, so there you go.


Manny will eventually find this post, and as far as I’m concerned it can’t happen soon enough. He’ll no doubt blame Being Liberal, but I have no ties whatsoever to that page, it’s owner, or anyone remotely associated with them. He will likely write a blog post attempting to refute and discredit my claims or playing the poor little victim, but it’s all here in black and white. So bottoms up, Manny, or whoever you are. Here’s to keeping it real.


[Top Photo Credit: Manny Schewitz/Facebook]

Screen shots of many of Forward Progressives’ Facebook pages:


See the Ted Nugent post? You’re going to see it again and again and again.


That’s odd. This page has 56,014 followers, but Forward Progressives only has 30,658. Do you think people liked this page because they wanted to follow Forward Progressives or because they were tricked into thinking it’s a page opposing Republicans?


Ted Nugent…again. This page is supposedly a Rachel Maddow Fan Page with 118,225 followers. Do you suppose all of those followers liked the page to follow Forward Progressives or because they thought they were joining a Rachel Maddow fan page? Are you seeing a pattern?


Yep, Ted again. This page has a colossal 337,422 followers! That’s eleven times the size of Forward Progressives’ own Facebook page. If 337,422 wanted to follow Forward Progressives, don’t you think they would follow their actual page?


And again. These people think they followed a page to oppose the Tea Party, but they’re really just being bombarded with Forward Progressives posts, just like the people following the other fan and opposition pages.


This page is preposterous alright. At least Ted Nugent isn’t plastered on this one. Just kidding! Look below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.47.32 AM


I love this one, because even I was suckered by it and started following it right after it was created. It’s supposedly a campaign to rally support for PBS. That’s a total crock of shit. All this page does is redirect people back to Forward Progressives.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.38.41 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.40.57 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.39.08 AM
Allen Clifton is a co-owner of Forward Progressives. His page, Right Off A Cliff, is yet another redirect for Forward Progressives.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.19.42 AM

Pages that tow the line for Forward Progressives:


This page shares most of Forward Progressives’ content. Forward Progressives returns the favor by not sharing any of Political Garbage Chute’s content on their page. Instead, Manny sticks one of their posts on his Whiskey page every now and then.


I love this one. This is the I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President Facebook page. Check out the three pages liked by them. Two are Forward Progressives pages, the other is a Forward Progressives author. They share most of Forward Progressives’ content, and they have 160,000 followers, but you won’t find any of their content on Forward Progressives’ page.


John Henry seems to be another left-winger who can’t suck up to Forward Progressives enough. Forward Progressives doesn’t seem to be as fond of him. I can’t find his content anywhere on their pages.